Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening in Toronto

After a dentist’s check-up, get custom bleaching trays from Yonge & Merton Dental with safe gel for home whitening. Use daily for 7-10 days. Staining depends on coffee or wine intake. Keep trays for reusing with more gel.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching should only be performed after a complete and thorough examination by a dentist. At Yonge & Merton Dental, we make custom fitted bleaching trays and provide a set of bleaching gel (carbomide peroxide) which is a safe and effective method of whitening teeth. Once custom bleaching trays are made it is easy to bleach the teeth at home. It only takes a few hours a day for about 7-10 days during the initial bleaching phase. Over time teeth will stain or yellow again, and how quickly it happens will depend on your frequency of drinking coffee or wine. Keep your original bleaching trays, as more bleaching gel can be purchased for use in those trays again.

Limited Time Offer: Teeth Whitening for New Patients

Receive a *FREE teeth whitening kit when you undergo a new patient examination, x-rays, and cleaning during your initial visit. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions, such as Opencare.

What Do People Want To Change In Their Smiles?

People most want whiter teeth to improve their smiles. Teeth whitening is a quick, easy, and safe method to enhance your natural smile, boosting confidence in daily life. Professional whitening ensures effective and noticeable results, providing a brighter smile in just one visit.

Sparkling White Teeth Simple Treatment Options

Transform your smile with Teeth Whitening in Toronto, achieving noticeably whiter teeth in just one appointment. This safe and effective procedure, guided by professionals, boosts confidence and restores your natural smile. Opting for professional teeth whitening offers distinct advantages over store-bought products:

  1. Personalized Approach: Our experts tailor the whitening procedure to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results and considering your oral health.
  2. Expert Care: Trained dentists perform the procedure, following safety protocols with prescription-strength bleaching solutions for dramatic and immediate improvement.
  3. Even Whitening: Unlike over-the-counter products, our process ensures uniform whitening across all contours and angles of your teeth.
  4. Enhanced Comfort: We utilize laser technology to minimize sensitivity and gum irritation, providing a comfortable experience.

Explore our At-Home Whitening Kits for near-professional results on your schedule. Customized trays, medical-strength gel, and expert guidance set our kits apart from store-bought alternatives.

Why choose professional teeth whitening?

  1. Tailored to Your Needs: Our dentists assess your concerns, expectations, and oral health, recommending the best whitening procedure for you.
  2. Expertly Performed: Our dentists are trained in teeth whitening techniques, ensuring precise application and adherence to safety measures.
  3. Dramatic Results: We use a powerful bleaching solution for immediate, outstanding results in just one hour.
  4. Even Whitening: Our process covers all contours and angles of your teeth, avoiding the uneven results common with store-bought products.
  5. Enhanced Comfort: The use of laser technology minimizes sensitivity and gum irritation.

Discover our At-Home Whitening Kits for a flexible, effective whitening option.

When to whiten?

Teeth whitening is recommended before needing dental work like crowns or fillings, allowing matching to your whitened teeth. Professional whitening addresses surface and deep stains caused by various factors.

Top Teeth Whitening Options:

  1. Professional In-Office Treatment: Immediate results with a bleaching solution and laser activation, reducing risks of sensitivity and gum irritation.
  2. Take-Home Whitening Kit: Customized trays and a gradual enamel lightening process over three to four weeks.

Contact us for an initial consultation & exam to understand your unique needs and achieve your desired smile. Professional teeth whitening costs between $300 and $500, while take-home kits range from $100 to $150.

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